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Text Message Banking

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Just shoot us a text.

If you’d prefer to receive your account information by SMS* (Short Message Service–also known as texting), send a text to 90703 and use the codes below to access what you need:

Commands: (All must be prefaced with “SFX”)

  • SFX BAL (view balances)
  • SFX HIST (view history)
  • SFX TRAN (transfer money between share and loan accounts)
  • SFX LOCK (locks online services)
  • SFX UNLOCK (unlocks online services)
  • SFX HELP (displays help menu)
  • SFX ? (displays information menu)

Enrollment into Text Banking must be completed inside of Online Banking under the ‘Services’ menu.

Welcome to the neighborhood. If there is anything else you’d like to know about Text Message Banking, feel free to drop by any convenient branch or give us a call. We’re looking forward to showing you what makes us truly unique.