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Online Banking/Mobile FAQ

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Big Changes Are Here!

We understand that change can be hard; especially when it comes to your finances! There are a few things coming up that we want you to be aware of. We are excited to announce that your Online, Mobile banking and Xtra Points products have been upgraded. Please review the information on this FAQ page so that you’re aware of any changes that might impact you.

Here are some questions we imagine you’re asking right now.

How can I prepare for these upgrades?

You can call, click or stop by to update any of your contact information. Having an up to date home phone number, e-mail address and mobile phone number will help us make this transition as easy as possible for you.  You can call us at 231-348-7690, log into Online Banking or drop in to any of our branches to update your contact information.

Keep checking back to this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for updates.

What exactly is changing?

The user experience is going to get an overhaul with a new streamlined interface that works on ALL current devices. We are adding new features and products to make your banking experience better! There will be changes to Bill Pay, Other Institution Transfers, Rewards, Remote Deposit Capture, and more. Trust us, it is all great!

Below you’ll find additional information about specific changes.  Please read through these changes to see how they might affect you.

How can we access Online Banking?

You will continue to access Online Banking through our website at www.stfranciscu.org. If you have saved a favorite that connects directly to Online Banking today, you will need to make sure this is updated on your device after the new site goes live; the old site will no longer work and will only display a maintenance message.

How can we access Mobile Banking?

Android users will be required to download a new app by search for St. Francis FCU in the Google Play Store.  Look for our lighthouse logo.  The old app will no longer work starting on 7/25.

iOS users will need to update their St. Francis CU app in the App Store.  Search for St. Francis FCU and look for our lighthouse to update, or view your available updates on your device.  The old app will no longer work starting 7/25.

Will my username change?

This is one of the biggest changes we want you to be aware of.

We are always trying to improve security measure for our online products. This is one quick way to help keep your account number private! At your first login, you will use your account number like always. All members will be required to set up a username during their first login to the new system.

Your username must be 8 or more characters and should be something you remember. The maximum username is 20 characters. Usernames cannot begin with a number, but are alphanumeric.

If you have any trouble with your first login, we are here for you.  Just let us know and we will help get you logged in.

First Time Login Tutorial

Can I use Multi-Factor Authentication?

Next to usernames, this is the second biggest change we need you to be aware of.

Security questions are going away! They just aren’t as safe as other options these days. You will have the option of receiving a One Time Passcode by text or email. At login you can choose to trust the device you’re logging into so that you will not be required to enter a passcode each time.

If your mobile phone or email address is incorrect, you will need to provide us updated information before you can log in.

Will the original menus be the same?

Our menus are changing a bit in both Online and Mobile Banking. To help keep everything accessible on all devices, you can use the hamburger menu in the upper right of any screen to see your complete menu and all Online or Mobile Banking options.

Will I lose my Xtra Points Rewards?

We understand your points are incredibly valuable to you! First and foremost, your points will not be lost during this transition.  That’s right! All of your points will follow through to the new program. We are giving the rewards experience a new look that makes it incredibly simple to redeem right from Online or Mobile Banking. You will have excellent Gift Card and Cash options available!  We are sun-setting the Merchandise and Travel Experience options, but you can still redeem for those through 6/30/22 if you were saving up for something.

Some important dates for Xtra Points:

The last day to redeem is 6/30/22. Xtra Points and Xtra Cash redemptions will be unavailable on 7/1/22 and we will get them back online as soon as possible. We are expecting to have it live with our new Online Banking. Rest assured though, your points will convert from the old Xtra Points and any points during the “down time” will be accrued.  No changes to the accrual rates will occur.  Consumer Debit and Credit cards earn 1% rewards and Business Credit cards earn 2% rewards.

Will I still be able to use QuickBooks?

For those that use our Quicken interfaces for Quicken and QuickBooks, on 7/11/22, the Quicken Interface will be turned off to give Intuit ample time to move the program to our new Online Banking System. You’ll be able to connect your online products again starting around 7/25/22.

QuickBooks Online Conversion Instructions
Quicken Conversion Instructions
Mint Conversion Information

Will Bill Pay be changing?

There are only a few dates to be aware of if you are using, or plan to use, our Bill Pay product.

All existing payments and payees you have set up will be migrated to the new Bill Pay provider.

New Bill Pay enrollments will be unavailable starting on 7/1/22.

If you already use our Bill Pay, you will not be able to add new payees or new payments after 7/11/22.

If you’ve already got payments scheduled to between 7/11 and 7/25, your payments will still be processed.

If your payments occur during 7/21 and 7/25, your payments will be processed by our new provider. There is a small chance that electronic payments will temporarily need to be converted to check payments by the new provider. If this happens, we will work with you to ensure that payments are received by the Payee.

All check payments will now be scheduled to clear directly off of your account. What this means is, that if a Bill Pay payment is sent by check, the check will be written as if it is from your account; just like you’re sending a check from your checking account. Funds will need to be available when that item tries to clear your account, otherwise the payment could be returned.

Can I use External Transfers?

All existing institutions and transfers you have set up will migrate to the new provider.

Other than that, there are a few dates you should be aware of.

New Other Institution Transfer enrollments will be unavailable starting on 7/1/22.

If you already use Other Institution Transfers, you will not be able to add new institutions or schedule new transfers after 7/11/22.

If you’ve already got transfers scheduled between 7/11 and 7/25, your transfers will still be processed.

If your transfers occur during 7/21 and 7/25, your transfers will be processed by our new provider.

Going forward with Other Institution Transfers, new accounts will be connected through Plaid, making the setup of new institutions a breeze!

External Transfer Tutorial

Will I be able to use Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments?

A brand new feature to our online offerings! Person to Person Payments (P2P) allows members to send money to other people that do not have an account at St. Francis without knowing their banking information. The recipient isn’t even required to have the same app!  All they need is a phone number or email address, along with a “secret word” you give them, and the transfer is completed.

Person to Person (P2P) payments Tutorial

What is the Savings Jar?

A fun new feature we are offering is called Savings Jar. Savings Jar is a “transaction round-up” program that promotes an easy way to save! When you enroll through Online or Mobile banking, your debit card transactions are rounded up to the next whole dollar amount.  These funds are stored in our system and can be deposited into your savings account when you’re ready!

Savings Jar Tutorial

Will I have access to Card Controls?

Take control! Your cards are yours and nobody else should be able to use them. You will have the ability to lock and unlock your Debit and Credit cards, report lost/stolen cards and request replacement cards for damaged or lost/stolen cards. Forgot to let us know you’re traveling? No problem! Jump online and enter a Travel Notification – we will take care of it right away.

Card Actions Tutorial

How can I switch between accounts?

In the previous system, you could use the “Toggle” drop down at the top of your screen to switch between accounts that you had set up for Alternate Account Access. While that was convenient, we understand the setup process was very cumbersome. We are making some changes to improve this feature.

Going forward in the new system, all of the accounts you had access to through the toggle feature will be displayed on one screen! No more toggling required! They’ll be broken out by account for ease of viewing. Viewing statements, transaction history, making transfers, and more can all be done from one login.

We’ve also made the sign up process much easier!  All you need to do is call us.  As long as you’re on each account, we’ll be able to add access.  If you need to remove an account, same process, just give us a call.

Will I still receive Account Alerts?

We are changing our eLerts provider. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to move your existing alerts that are set up on the previous system on to the new system. You’ll have to set them up again after we go live on the upgraded system on 7/25. We have a deal for you though; for your forgiveness, we’ve added SMS Text alerts that will send directly to your phone instead of only sending an email! How nice is that!

Alerts Tutorial

Will I still be able to remotely deposit checks?

The Remote Deposit Capture experience will remain familiar. We are using the same provider that we used on the old mobile apps. All of the history will follow your account to the new system. We are enhancing the security of RDC and will now require “For Mobile Deposit Only At St. Francis X. FCU” to be written on the back of the check in the endorsement area. Instructions will be provided in the mobile app when depositing a check.

What other cool new features will there be?

You will now have the ability to add tags and notes to transactions on your account. You can tag individual transactions with categories such as ‘Expense’, ‘Fees’, ‘Groceries’, ‘Income’ and more! You’ll have the option to add a transaction note to each transaction so it is easier to identify and search for down the road.

Will Text Banking still be offered?

Tell us it isn’t so! Unfortunately, the St. Francis Text Banking product will be discontinued effective 7/25. With all of the great features in the Online and Mobile Banking products, we think you’ll enjoy the apps or a mobile browser experience more than the SMS Text banking. You will still have the option to receive alerts and notifications via SMS Text. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Which devices does this upgrade support?

Desktop Browser Support:
Current versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge.

Mobile Browser Support:
Current versions of Chrome and Safari apps.

Apple iOS: v12 and up
Android: Mashmallow (v6.0) and up

If you're ready to get started you can become a member online right now. Or feel free to stop by any convenient branch or give us a call at 231.348.7690, or toll-free at 866.890.3670.