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Smart Speaker Banking

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Just ask Alexa.

This is the hands-free way to access Online Banking. If you own an Alexa-enabled device from Amazon, you can simply ask Alexa.

You’ll be able to perform the following Online Banking functions:

  • Hear your account balances
  • Get a list of pending ACH, debit and credit transactions
  • Access account history
  • Find out CD maturity dates
  • Ask about loan information
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer money between your St. Francis X accounts
  • Transfer money to/from a different financial institution from/to your St. Francis X account(s)
  • Pay bills
  • Contact us securely

Alexa for Voice Banking/Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any prerequisites to using Alexa for Voice Banking?

Other than an Alexa-enabled device, you will need access to your bank account and your Amazon account.

How do I set up voice banking on my Echo device?

Setting up voice banking only takes a few minutes and can be done in a few easy steps. Refer the Getting Started section in your Amazon Alexa installation documentation for detailed instructions on setting up voice banking.

Do I need to set up Alexa on all of the devices separately?

No. Once you have linked your bank account to use the Voice Banking skill, you can simply say, “Use Voice Banking” on all of your Alexa-enabled devices.

Where can I use voice banking on Alexa?

You can speak to Alexa for voice banking on all of your Alexa-enabled devices. It could be your Echo devices, your Alexa Voice Remote, Alexa app in your mobile phone, or even your Alexa-enabled car. That being said, we recommend you use voice banking at a place where there’s no likelihood of the wrong person overhearing your conversation.

What account information is available on Voice Banking?

You can query balance amounts for specific accounts. For credit cards, you can also find out the date and amount due for an upcoming payment.

What information about the credit union can I get from Alexa?

You can Alexa for the St. Francis X routing number, where our nearest branch is or what to do about a lost credit or debit card.

What are my fund transfer options with Voice Banking?

You can transfer funds between any of your St. Francis X accounts. You can also make credit card payments (minimum amount due only) and loan payments.

How do I ask for help?

Just say “Alexa, help” at any time during the course of the conversation.

Why do you recommend not linking all my accounts on Alexa?

For the best possible experience, we strongly recommend not linking more than one account. With more accounts, Alexa’s responses get longer and harder to follow. Also, there’s a possibility that Alexa may time out during the conversation.

Why can’t I use my account titles or nicknames?

Alexa is still learning and may have trouble with names or titles outside of the English dictionary. Using an account number with a membership number will ensure you are always dealing with the right account.

What will I see on my Echo display (for Echo Show or Echo Spot)?

You will find accompanying information pertaining to what Alexa is speaking.

How do I add or change the accounts I can use for Voice Banking?

To make changes to accounts linked to the voice banking skill, please disable the skill and go through the process of enabling the skill again. When you link your banking account to the skill, make sure you are including the accounts you wish to use for voice banking.

Can I roll back a transaction performed using Alexa?

A voice banking transaction is just like a banking transaction from any other device. Unfortunately, it cannot be rolled back or canceled. Please contact St. Francis X Credit Union if you detect suspicious transactions.

How do I change my Voice PIN?

Disable the voice banking skill and go through the process of re-enabling the skill.

Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask Alexa about my banking account?

None. Feel free to ask Alexa as many questions as you wish.

I have another account that I want to use with Alexa. How do I switch to the other account?

You can connect one bank account to one Amazon account. You can connect your other bank account with another Amazon account, as long as it is in the same Amazon Household (listed under “Settings”). Just say, “Alexa, switch accounts,” to toggle between accounts.

How do I use Alexa for an account in a new membership I’ve just added?

Disable the voice banking skill and go through the process of re-enabling the skill to include the newly added accounts in Voice Banking.

What do those lights on the Echo device indicate?

Blue lights indicate normal operations when Alexa is either listening to your request or is processing your request. Red lights would mean your device is muted or has lost its internet connection.

Can I change how I invoke the skill?

Currently, there is only way to invoke the voice banking skill and that is “invocation-names.” Amazon does not support alternate invocation names or synonyms yet.

What is a Voice PIN?

A voice PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique personal number you set up so that Alexa can verify it is indeed you before reading account information aloud.

Is my banking information stored on the device?

No. Alexa just provides a way for you to access your banking information. Please read our banking terms and conditions for details.

Is it safe to use Voice Banking?

Yes. For your safety, you can only start voice banking with Alexa after we have verified the voice PIN. Moreover, we only permit you to move money within your own accounts to limit your exposure. Remember that your Voice PIN can be different from your credit or debit card PIN.

Will Amazon know my banking information?


How can I ensure nobody else can access my banking information?

Do not share your Voice PIN with anybody else. Also, make sure there isn’t anyone or any other listening device in earshot when you are speaking to Alexa for voice banking. If you suspect your voice PIN may have been used by somebody else, we recommend that you change your Voice PIN immediately, review your transactions, and inform Support. Also, always ensure your Voice PIN is not the same as your credit or debit card PIN.

How do I ensure Alexa does not access my banking information?

To stop using Voice Banking, just disable the Voice Banking skill.

Why do you need access to my device’s location?

Device location is necessary so that Alexa can help you find information about the nearest ATM or branch location to you.

How long can my conversations with Alexa be?

You can speak with Alexa for as long as you wish. There is no limit to Voice Banking related questions you can ask or requests you can make. Alexa automatically ends a Voice Banking session if there’s no input from you for eight seconds.

I’ve enabled the skill but am not able to access Voice Banking.

If you have already linked your bank account, this can happen when Voice Banking is unavailable or has been disabled for you. Please get in touch with us for help.

My Voice PIN is not working. What can I do?

Disable the Voice Banking skill and re-enable it to set up a new Voice PIN.

I forgot my Mobile Banking credentials. How do I proceed to link my account?

We suggest you reset your Mobile Banking password by accessing our app and following the password reset instructions. Once that’s done, then attempt again to link the account to the Voice Banking skill.

I got an error message that I do not understand. What do I do?

This can happen when Alexa encounters an unidentified error. Please report this to us so that we can investigate this further.

My transaction was abruptly terminated. What can I do?

This can happen when your Alexa device loses connection abruptly. Just say, “Alexa, quit,” to end the session and start fresh.

I am not able to invoke the skill.

Amazon currently supports only one invocation name which is “invocation-name.” If you suspect Alexa is not hearing the invocation name correctly, you can go through to History (under Settings) to verify.

Where can I find the Amazon Alexa app?

You can download the Alexa app from your respective App stores. Here are the links: iOS and Android.

What is a Voice Key?

A voice key is a four-digit secure password that you set to ensure that nobody other than you can perform transactions using your Echo device.

How can I change my Voice Key?

Currently, you will need to disable the skill and re-enable it to set a different voice key.

How do I disable the Voice Banking skill?

There are multiple ways to do this, but the easiest is to access the Amazon Alexa app and follow instructions to disable the Voice Banking skill.

Can I roll back some of the transactions performed on the Echo device?

A Voice Banking transaction is just like a banking transaction from any other device. Unfortunately, it cannot be rolled back. In case of fraud or for any other help, please contact Member Services.

How many times can I try using my Voice Key?

Currently, you can try using a Voice Key any number of times. For your security, we will soon be limiting the number of incorrect attempts. Once exceeded, your account would get locked.

Welcome to the neighborhood. If there is anything else you’d like to know about Smart Speaker Banking, feel free to drop by any convenient branch or give us a call. We’re looking forward to showing you what makes us truly unique.